Jan 4, 2021


When I decided to create this firm, I was sure that I wanted to be more than just a legal advisor for our clients. I wanted to not only help our clients when they found themselves in a transaction gone bad or in a dispute with a partner, I also wanted to provide guidance and support to assist our clients in creating a stable and strong foundation for their business and lives– to help, guide, assist, bolster.

Bolster (verb): (1) to support; (2) to give a boost to

            (noun): (1) a long pillow or cushion (and my favorite yoga prop);

                           (2) a structural part designed to provide support or bearing

We hope that our services support you and your business; we hope that our perspective and assistance provides a boost to you and your business; and we hope that we can help you secure the bolsters that you need to protect and secure the business you have worked so hard to create and grow.

With that vision in mind, we have created this blog. 

We hope you will find the articles interesting, helpful, bolstering. They are written with you and your business in mind– to let you know that you are not alone in the challenges that your business faces; why corporate governance is important even for (or especially for) closely-held and family-owned businesses; and how our team can help. We may throw in some fun tidbits, unique discoveries and celebrations, but most of all, we hope this blog educates, empowers and bolsters you and your business.