Business Advising

Business Advising

A Secure Legal Foundation to Thrive

Business owners know that a successful business requires a strong foundation. What comes to mind as the elements of a strong foundation for your business?  The vision and mission? Identifying your perfect customer or client? A cohesive and competent team? A financial plan? 

But what about the legal underpinnings of your business? 

Without a strong legal foundation, your business can be at great risk. Do you have a written agreement with your business partners? Do you have an agreement with investors or shareholders? When was the last time you read any of these agreements?

What happens if you and your partners disagree? 

An Ace Litigator to Help You Avoid Litigation

We draw from extensive experience litigating disputes between business partners and claims brought against the officers, directors, and managers of businesses. We know the best practices to try to avoid lengthy and protracted litigation and be on the most secure legal footing in the event of a lawsuit. Katie and her team can work with you to give you the information that you need in a practical and easy to follow way. This ensures you can be confident your business’s legal foundation is strong and secure, so you can focus on growing and operating your business.

We Can Help You Resolve Uncomfortable Questions

Are you following the requirements of the law and your business’s legal documents?

For example:

  • Are you having regular member or shareholder meetings? 
  • Are you getting the appropriate approval for actions to move your business forward? 
  • Are you holding regular member or shareholder meetings and documenting those meetings? 
  • Do you understand your fiduciary duties to your business, partners, investors, and shareholders? 
  • Do you understand all elements of the contracts you have signed on behalf of your business?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no” or “I’m not sure,” we are here to help. Call us at (504) 603-1501 to schedule an appointment.