Protect What You Have Built

Businesses and careers take years of hard work to build. When a dispute must be resolved in court, we are fierce litigators that work to protect and defend what is yours. Your best interests become our number one concern.

We Are Trusted and Experienced Litigators

With extensive experience in both state and federal courts, we know the legal landscape well and are practiced at winning. We are well-respected by our colleagues and the judiciary, with a reputation as polished litigators. Clients can be confident that with us on your team, you will never be “out-lawyered.” 

Strategies Derived from Solid Research and Investigation

Strategies Derived from Solid Research and Investigation

Our clients enjoy the full benefit of a legal team that excels at research, investigation, and analysis. As a result, our effective strategies are built on solid legal ground and a comprehensive perspective. Every case is a unique puzzle that must be solved on its own terms.

A Client-Relationship Built on Close Collaboration and Honesty

Many clients remark on our “personal touch.” Litigation is often a multi-year endeavor, so we make sure to build an honest, productive, and caring relationship with you. Your work, your business, and your family are important to us. We walk you through important issues and case strategy and maintain close contact every step of the way. 

Our Commitment to You

We believe in our clients and are committed to delivering the highest quality of work. Whether you are suing or being sued, you can trust Katie Lasky Law to devise strategies for the best outcome possible. 

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Success Stories

What happens when you are owed money and the person who owes you files for bankruptcy? And then what happens when that person has transferred assets to try to hide them from his creditors? 

Working on behalf of a Bankruptcy Trustee and the creditors who were owed more than a million dollars, Katie was able to recoup three properties that had been transferred to family members in an attempt by the debtors to hide them from their creditors. Applying federal, Louisiana and Texas law, Katie tried the case to the Bankruptcy Judge and obtained judgment in the Trustee’s favor permitting the Trustee to recover those properties and then sell them in order to repay the creditors.